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National Honor:

December, 2010-Ranking 2010 Chinese Brand Annual Product Brand

July, 2009-Named in "Investment Value of China's Enterprises Top Hundred" list

July, 2009-recognized as 2009 the First Batch of State-level High-tech Enterprises

November, 2008-China top 100 enterprises growth forty-sixth

April, 2007-the successful development of cylindrical battery

November, 2004-Be Most of the growth of the China Enterprise 100 strong
                                Be China's Most Competitive SMEs Enterprise 500 strong

March, 2001-Technical standards adopted by the National Quality Supervision Bureau to be one of the "Battery Three  Standards" in the National Standard


Provincial Honor:

October, 2008-Awarded the title of Well-known Trademark in Guangdong

February, 2003-Be the Guangdong Provincial Excellent Enterprise title


Municipal Honor:

November, 2011-Be  the Independent Innovation Advanced Enterprises of Science and Technology in Baoan District
                                Awarded “Shenzhen City Technical Progress”

July, 2009-Listed in "first own innovation advantage of science and technology enterprises" in the Baoan District
July, 2009-"Shenzhen City, the title of Top 100 Enterprises Independent Innovation"
May, 2009-be the Top 100 SMEs Independent Innovation

December, 2008-Rated the  246th of the Benefits 500 Industrial Enterprises

2007, the title of Shenzhen City Private Enterprises

November, 2005-By the AAA Import and Export Credible Enterprise in Shenzhen city

October, 2005-Won the Shenzhen Quality Association Member units (2005-2008)

September, 2005-Got the title of Large Enterprises in Shenzhen city as "Through Train"

December, 2004-Achieved the people's Government of Baoan District Quality Award
December, 2004-Rated the top 50 Private Enterprises in Shenzhen City

April, 2001-Identified as "high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen by Shenzhen Municipal Government

February, 2001-Identified by the municipal government as a "High-level Enterprise Technical Centers"

November, 2000-Rated by Municipal government as a Top 10 small businesses "Little Giant"

October, 2000-Rated by
Municipal People's Government as "Civilized Enterprise"

July, 2000-S
elected in private technology enterprises in

June, 2000-Got C
ertification by the Shenzhen High-Tech Project