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Sales Center

Domestic Sales Departmen
Tel : +86-755-28032081
E-mail : sales@bkbattery.com

Foreign Sales Department
Tel : +86-755-28141014
E-mail : sales@bkbattery.com

Technical Service

Thanks for customers' trust and support of our products, If you have any questions about the product and after-sales problems, please call +86-755 -28241569 Division I will be happy to serve you.

Division I commitments: to respond quickly to customer suggestions and views in one working days given temporary measures, according to the actual situation of the event, the customers need, we will issue a written report within the shortest possible time, strive for customer satisfaction.

Customers use our products for the first time, Division I, arrange professional and technical personnel to the customer site for quality control and technical guidance, to avoid unnecessary quality events generated according to actual needs.